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Winning Tips

Entering promos and competitions can be a very interesting, exciting and profitable activity. Millions of prizes are given away every year and now through the Internet, it has never been easier to share in the bounty.

As any promo/competition enthusiast will appreciate, you have to be in it to win it! Yet entering competitions on the Internet can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help get you started. They are aimed at saving you worries and headaches in the future, so take your time and enjoy.

Enter As Many Promos and Competitions As Possible - Obvious really, the more promos and competitions you enter the greater your chance to win something. If I were pressed for time, I would enter 100 competitions once rather then 1 competition 100 times.

The More Prizes The Better - Go for promos and competitions that have many prizes on offer. If there are 100 prizes on offer, you have 100 more chances to win something with each entry.

Enter Promos and Competitions That Have Fewer People Entering Them - Naturally promos and competitions that have fewer people entering them will be easier to win, so always enter a lot of these types. They are generally more obscure competitions from less well known sites and organizations. Having said all of that, still try to enter every promo and competition you find at least once.

Read the Terms & Conditions Of Promos and Competitions Carefully - You don't want to disqualify yourself because you entered a promo/competition multiple times, when you were only allowed to enter it once. Even though some information about the promo or competition is listed on PromoUpdate, still read the rules on the organization's, promo's or competition's website, we can't guarantee all the information submitted to us is correct.

Setup Free Email Accounts - Setup some free email accounts and use those to enter competitions. For better or worse you will get some junk mail, so it might as well be to an email account you have set up especially for that purpose, rather than to your personal one. Every of our team has 3 email accounts for themselves. 1 for personal emails, 1 for promos and competitions, and another for surveys. Any one of these will do, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. However, make sure you always check these email accounts for notifications of any wins.

Enter Real Details - I suggest you always put your real details in when asked. How else can they verify who you are when you have won something?

Use "Web Form Filling" Software - Use "Web Form Filling" software to speed up the process of entering competitions. They enable you to complete web forms with just one click, which can make the difference between entering 20 competitions in an hour or being able to enter 100 competitions in an hour. At PromoUpdate, we highly recommend RoboForm as we use it and it does exactly what we need. Google's Toolbar also has an auto fill feature that allows you to fill in your details with one click.(NOTE: Never use any software that automatically enters competitions for you as you will most likely be disqualified automatically.)

Share The Knowledge - If you know about a promo or competition that isn't listed on PromoUpdate, use the "Post Promo" menu to send us the details about it. Also if you ever find a promo or competition is listed incorrectly, let us know about it via the "Contact Form" and it will be corrected as soon as possible.

Register With PromoUpdate For Promos and Competitions Newsletter - If you haven't already, register with PromoUpdate. That way you will get information on some of the best promos and competitions delivered straight to your email inbox.

Have Fun! The most important rule is to have fun! Remember you do this because you love it. If it starts to feel like work, take a few days off and come back to it later. There will always be more promos and competitions waiting for you when you return



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PromoUpdate: All promos in Nigeria, Competitions, Contests and Giveaways: Winning Tips
Winning Tips
PromoUpdate: All promos in Nigeria, Competitions, Contests and Giveaways
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